Hello Everyone! It is so good to be back home and sleep in my own bed. My Toronto trip was exciting and you may be wondering what we did since I had no time to talk to you. We visited Collingwood, Scenic Caves and completed a treetop walk with two zip lines. This was a really neat experience and would recommend that you check it out if you are ever in the Toronto area. It forces you to face some fears while being completely safe as you are harnessed in.

Niagara Falls was also on the list of excitement and took a full two days to experience most of what was offered. It was a little busier then I would have liked but it got quieter later in the night. I also met my cousins for the first time and was able to spend a good amount of time with family. This trip was absolutely worth it but to be completely honest, I missed blogging. It felt like something was missing as I love being able to give you design Inspiration and project ideas.

Yarn Globe Project

While in Toronto I found a really neat project. I had a couple free minutes to look on Pinterest and stumbled across a DIY yarn globe chandelier from sharehomedesign.com that you can get to by clicking HERE. There are many versions of this chandelier that you can find in furniture stores but I have always wondered how they get the shape to stay. Now that I know, I think I need to attempt this DIY project. As always, I like to start with some inspiration that you will find below.

Yarn Globe Inspiration

This chandelier is very subtle as it blends in with the wall colour. It almost disappears and is a surprise when you do notice it.

Multiple globes in many different sizes add an interesting lighting element to the living space. Can be viewed as art.

Choosing a different yarn colour from the walls allows the lighting fixture to stand out. Using a colour that matches other elements in the home ties everything together.

I will be attempting this tomorrow. The instructions say that patience is required so I may need to visit this project a couple times throughout the day. I may be late posting so stay tuned.

Word of the Day: Yarn R.K.M. (Reisskilometer)

The length of yarn in Km at which the yarn will break from its own weight.

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