I used the inspiration from yesterday and completed my very own yarn globe. I intend to use it as a light fixture but it could be used as décor or even a dining room table center piece.

There are a couple different ways that you can do this project. You can use fabric stiffener, tacky craft glue, or white school glue and corn starch. I chose the cheapest method and went with the white glue and corn starch. I started by gathering all the materials that I would need.

Yarn Globe Materials

  1. White craft glue
  2. Corn Starch
  3. Beach ball ( could also use a balloon)
  4. Plastic wrap
  5. Scissors
  6. felt marker
  7. Yarn colour of choice
  8. Two bowls  
  9. spoon  
  10. Gloves

I didn't end up using gloves but I would recommend that you do. I spent more time trying to wash the glue off my hands than I did working on the project.



Since this project is so messy I would make sure that you have a craft mat or newspaper on your work surface. Also wrap the bowls with cling wrap that you will be mixing and working from for easy clean up. Next, you want to wrap the beach ball with cling wrap as this will allow for an easier separation from the yarn once dry. I drew a circle on one side to leave room for a hole where I will not go over with yarn. This hole is decorative and allows for easy removal of the ball from the inside.


Mix equal parts of white glue and corn starch until smooth with no lumps. It may seem fairly thick once you start mixing but it seems to thin out once complete.  


Make sure to completely saturate the yarn. I did small sections at a time so it was easier to handle. 


Wrap the yarn around the ball avoiding the drawn circle until you are satisfied with how it looks. 


This is what I ended up with. I wanted to be done to show you a completed globe but I need to give it 24 hours to dry. Normally I would just try removing the ball but I really don't want to mess it up. I will be able to show you the completed project tomorrow.


At this point you would pop the ball and carefully separate the ball and cling wrap from the yarn and pull it through the hole.  

Word of the Day: Chandelier

Lighting fixture suspended from the ceiling. Typically has many branches or arms but can also be a single lamp. 

AuthorCamille Pacori