Candles may be viewed as an old school way of illuminating a room and you may only ever light them in emergencies when the power is out. While they can be dangerous with small children and curious pets in the home, they can also create a mood that you can not achieve with standard light fixtures. They provide a dim, warm soothing light that dances across the entire room and even when they are not lit they make a great addition to the décor in any room.

Candle Safety

A safer way to display a lit candle is by placing it in a decorative candle holder. They come in many shapes, sizes, colours and styles which are usually heavier so they are less likely to get knocked over. A candle holder is usually open on the top or vents on the side to allow heat and light to escape so you will need to consider where you put them. Make sure there is nothing flammable above or around the candle and put it up and out of reach. Never leave a candle unattended and always make sure that they are completely out before leaving the room. If you are still concerned about safety, there are little lights that mimic the glow and flicker of a real candle and are usually the size of a tea light. 

The chandelier in the photo below are faux candles that turn on with a light switch. No need to light these by hand, clean up wax or replace the candles. It is also a safe way of getting the beautiful glow of a candle without the hassle.

Adding Light with Candles

With enough candles you could light your entire room; it would look really nice but is a little excessive. Not only does that require a lot of candles but it also increases the chance of something bad happening. There is no way you could possibly keep your eye on all of them at once while still being able to relax. What you could do is keep one or two fixtures on and supplement the lighting with a couple candles.

Word of the Day: Chatter Marks

Horizontal rings that appear because wax is poured in a cold container or mold. This can also happen when the wax was poured at too cold of a temperature. 

AuthorCamille Pacori