While searching through home lighting inspirations this last week I stumbled across a  project where instead of throwing out an old can you can make it into a lovely candle holder. I really love the idea of using recycled materials for homemade DIY projects. Not only is it cheaper but these materials are easily attainable and can help the environment; even if its in a very small way.

I found this project on Tutus and tea parties. There are many DIY candle holder projects out there but I really like the idea of the poked can candle holder. It lets a small amount of light through in any shape that you desire which casts a beautiful glow. You can do these in simple or intricate designs; with additional painted colour or left plain. No matter how they are done they always seems to look amazing, especially when it is very dark and the candle is the only source of light.

The steps on her blog seem simple enough but if you are wanting to attempt this DIY I recommend that you check it our for yourself. She includes some very descriptive instructions with some lovely photos. I might just want to try this for myself next week when I get a free moment.

You may want to try this project yourself but If you only use candles in emergencies you may wonder how to incorporate them into every day life, or you may be concerned with candle safety. If so, I recommend that you check out my candle post from yesterday by clicking here.

While a candle holder is just one can project; there are actually many things that you can do with old cans.  Like these outdoor patio string lights that almost looks like it could be a bird feeder as well.

A contemporary chandelier. 

A wall Garden. 

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A wire handle attached to a can for carrying. 

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