Choosing to add a buffet, hutch or credenza to your dining room will not only add additional storage but it will work to balance the room and add an interesting feature. They add weight to the room while filling in empty space and since there are so many different styles to choose from and the freedom to dress it up with accessories, you will always be able to find something that will work well in any space.

Additional Storage

While most of you may be hurting for additional storage and could easily fill it in a matter of seconds, there may be some of you who are not sure what to put in the buffet. The best choices would be anything related to eating and dining. If you don't have a china cabinet you could use it to store your good dinner ware that only comes out for special occasions. It could also hold wine glasses, or even be used as a bar. If the dining table is used for things other than eating, you could use the buffet to store crafts or stationary. 


Typically the dining table would be the feature or focal point in the room but you could dress up the buffet so that it pulls attention away to become the feature. Hang a large painting or mirror above so that your eye is drawn to that wall. Use a different paint colour or beautiful wall paper on the wall that the buffet sits up against. Down play the table by choosing a neutral colour and select a buffet that is bright so that is the only piece in the room that is different. Finish it off with interesting and unique accessories and vases.


The number of styles, colours and shapes available really are endless. I though I would display a couple that I was drawn too but this doesn't even begin to cover everything that is available.


A sleek, floating, glass top buffet that spans almost the entire wall. Selected in a colour that matches the chairs and is subtle yet striking. Without it the room would look bare and empty.

Bold and Old

An old buffet painted a bright bold colour that makes it pop. Works really well in this room as it compliments the greens and balances well with the natural wood.

Asian Inspired

The carvings along the edge give a sense of Asian influence which is brought through with the simple red chairs and Buddha statute.

If you have searched and still haven't found the perfect piece there is always the option of having a custom made buffet. A carpenter can help design and build a piece that will fit in the space and be exactly what you want. I don't think this is usually necessary as you really can find pretty much any style in any size.

Word of the Day: Damask

A Figured woven fabric with the pattern visible from both sides. Quite often the pattern is used on wallpaper and is then called damask wallpaper.

AuthorCamille Pacori