The bare bones of any dining room are the walls and floor which can be decorated in a number of different ways. What you decide to do with them will create an atmosphere that you and your guests will feed from, no pun intended. Bright, hot colours and abstract art can create a lively and exciting dining experience where as light blue walls, warm wood floors and organic accessories will allow for a calm and relaxing experience. You may be searching for a way to create a specific experience within your dining room so I thought I would review a couple options with you.

Relaxing and Calm

Wall colours:

Cool blues, soft greens or cream whites create a light and fresh room which in turn can be relaxing. Any muted colour could work to relax you as well. Darker colours are also an option as long as there is not a lot of stark contrast in the room.


Lightly stained wood flooring in a wide plank with a neutral area rug make for a calm floor. If you don't want to use wood flooring you then can choose large light cream tiles with very little texture. Don't go too light or too dark and keep the shade of colour close to that of the wall colour.  


Any natural or organic piece such as flowers, a fruit bowl or wood vases. Being able to bring natural elements into the dining room will help to calm as they not only look good but smell amazing.

Overall idea: 

The idea is to keep contrast and texture to a minimum as you do not want to your eyes bouncing all over the room. There shouldn't be anything distracting as that can get you excited. The idea is to calm and relax while enjoying your meal. Designing your dining room with this in mind is a great way to try and slow down your family and spend more time together during meals.

Exciting and Fun


Bright paint, or patterned wall paper with texture is a good starting point. You could use a toned down wall colour as long as other elements in the room are brighter and accessories have texture. Any colours can work as long as there is contrast.


Dark warm flooring with a lot of grain through out or bright textured tiles. If your flooring is fairly plain you could add an area rug with a busy pattern to add to the excitement. 


Fun shapes and large oversized items are a good option. They create interest in the room which could turn into a conversation piece. Group a collection or combine different materials together. Use shiny metallic vases with bright red bowls and dark brown bamboo stalks.

Overall Idea

A fun and exciting dining room includes many different elements. Mixing and matching colours, patterns and textures in chaotic harmony will not only look good but also get your heart pumping. You may find that you eat faster in a room like this so it is best for a family on the go.

A couple more dining rooms that create different atmospheres.

The dining room below is warm, relaxing and inviting. The rustic table creates a homey feeling while the wall paper freshens up the room.

Nautical blues and white bring the ocean in, where as the whicker chairs make you feel like you are sitting on the beach.

Light, fresh and free.  The abstract art and bright natural light give a sense of freedom.

Word of the Day: Abstract Art

A term used to describe art that is not representational or based on reality or nature, 

AuthorCamille Pacori