Table centerpieces can pull the entire room together. They are the finishing touch or the icing on the cake. The arrangement can be adjusted to match the season or holiday; or the entire piece can be changed to create a different vibe. Anything can be used or combined, from ornaments and ribbon to branches, leaves and pine cones.

Low Budget

Decorating your dining table can be easy on the pocket book. Use the inspiration around you and choose to use materials and objects that are already in the home. If you are having trouble finding inspiration inside the home then venture outside and used natural components like fresh cut flowers, stones or leaves.

If you have exhausted all of you resources there is always the option of using second hand items whether they are from a friend or from the local thrift store. Chances are you will not need to reuse these particular items again so there is no point in spending a lot of money on something that may be thrown out or stored for an indefinite amount of time. Only spend the big bucks on a permanent fixture that you will always go back to or something that you are absolutely in love with.

How Extravagant Should a Centerpiece be?

You could go with a centerpiece that is as extravagant or as simple as you want it to be but there are a couple things to consider for both.

Things to consider

Do you want the centerpiece to stay intact during the entire meal or do you plan on removing items prior to eating? If you have an overly abundant centerpiece with many elements, chances are a lot of pieces will be removed during the course of the meal. Once your guests start eating and having a couple drinks things will start to get in the way. There should be enough room for everyone without feeling cramped which means you may need to cut back on a couple things.

Do you want an unobstructed view in-between guests? Chances are this is something you would like achieve. Tall centerpieces do look amazing but can really affect conversation as they cut the table in half and they act as a barrier which can be quite inconvenient. If you really do want to add a taller element to the table I would recommend that it be removed prior to anyone sitting down. They can always be moved to another unused table or buffet and that way these elements remain in the room.

Will it have a scent? Flowers or fruit will give off a naturally pleasant smell but it would be good to make sure that they smell just as good with the food being served. Don't go with anything overly pungent as this can cause headaches and particularly strong candles or scented pinecones can be overwhelming. Some scents can also reduce appetite which is the complete opposite of what you want to happen.

Word of the Day: Tablescape

A word used to describe a centerpiece or décor arrangement on any table.  

AuthorCamille Pacori