Today our lives are now busier then ever. We jump out of bed, have a quick shower and are usually out the door before our hair is even dry. Just because most of us don't have the time for a leisurely soak in the tub doesn't mean that we cant enjoy our bathing experience. With the proper shower renovation we can turn something that most of us view as a chore into a spa like experience.

When you think of shower you may imagine a vinyl surround shower/tub combo with a plastic curtain dividing the room. This is the standard that you will see in most homes which you may even have yourself. Don't confine yourself to this one style as there is so many different options out there. Anything from glass doors, sandstone walls and tile ceilings to custom vinyl surrounds in any shape or layout imaginable.

Glass shower doors and walls

This is a great material for showers as they can give the illusion of a bigger room without making the shower feel like a cave that is cut off from the rest of the bathroom. Glass can also be cut to any size or shape without blowing the budget out of the water which is great for a non-standard shaped bathroom. The only downside of glass is that everything in your shower from shampoo bottles to soap scum will be on display.

Easy-Access Shower

Showers can be designed in such a way that a door is not necessary. Easy-access! This design is great for incorporating the shower into the rest of the room as it will not close it off. When designing a shower without a door it is recommended that the shower head face away from the opening to keep water splashes to a minimal.

Bathing or Wet Room

This is when both the bathtub and shower are in a separated section from the rest of the bathroom. The idea is that this room is completely water proofed so that everything can get wet without any issue. On the photo below you can see that every wall or ledge is tiled. The bathtub is also either a porcelain or acrylic apron front so that every inch can get wet. This is great if you are trying to keep moisture and water drips confined to one area of the bathroom.

Showerhead Upgrades

If your renovation budget is limited or you would like to create a spa like experience from very little, you can upgrade your showerhead. There are all sorts of different styles, finishes and shapes that will modernize your bathroom without making it look completely out of place. You can get a raindrop shower head that feels like warm summer rain to a therapeutic massaging shower head for sore and tired muscles. What ever the extend of your shower renovation, once complete it will make for an enjoyable experience.

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Word of the Day: Electric Shower

Heats water through an element within the shower so there is no need for a hot water supply. 

AuthorCamille Pacori