A dining room can be a lovely space but you may find that you never use it. You may eat at the breakfast bar or kitchen nook and only go into the dining room to dust. It may look good but in the end unused space is wasted space. All rooms should be utilized and that's why you may want to think about repurposing your dining room.

Finding New Purpose  

If you are not sure where to begin, start by thinking about the other rooms in the home. Do you find that some rooms are cramped. Are you trying to do two different things in one room like an office and craft room? Or maybe you have always wanted a quiet reading or meditation room. The space really can be used for anything so don't hesitate to try something completely different.


An office is always a good idea. You may not work from home but you could use this room to pay bills, surf the web, read books or write an email. A desk, comfortable and supportive chair and a cabinet or book case are all you need. You can always spice things up with accessories and fun lighting.

Meditation or Exercise Room  

Use this repurposed room as a way to unwind after a busy and stressful day, or use it right after waking up to start the day. Designing for this type of space is fairly basic as all you need is a couple mats and a table for tea or candles.

Craft Room

You may be concerned about supplies looking cluttered but with todays storage solutions this room could look quite beautiful and organized. Having a separate room for crafts also does a better job at containing the mess. You can store gift wrapping, scrape booking and homework supplies in one room so that you know where everything is.

Once you have figured out what you want the old dining room to be, don't look back! You will appreciate and use this room more than ever before. You can always set it up in such a way that a table and chairs could be pulled into the room if you plan on hosting a dinner party. To do so, use a dining table as the work station, desk or craft table and that way all you need to add are chairs.

Word of the Day: Bachelors Chest

Low chest of drawers with a slide that pulls out for writing. 

AuthorCamille Pacori