You may have seen my post from last week about the recycled tea light holder. I decided to finally try this as I have been wanting to for a while now.

What you will need

  1. Old can of any size ( I used a large bean can ) 
  2. Nails ( I used two different sizes ) 
  3. Hammer
  4. Good set of pliers. Trust me you need these. 
  5. Sturdy work surface
  6. Template drawn on paper

What to do

Start by cleaning your can and removing the label. The glue is a pain to get off so do the best you can and plan for that side to face away. Draw your desired design on paper and tape to can.  


Lay the can flat on your work surface. I used a kitchen towel to cushion and stabilize the can. Be very careful during this step and use the pliers. I found that the nail slips easily and you have to hammer it quite hard for the nail to puncture the can. You don't want a swollen thumb.


It is a little difficult to start but once you get into a groove it can be fairly simple. You will also notice that the shape of the can will warp as you are hammering. Once you are done you may need to reshape the can so that it is cylindrical.

All you need to do now is light a candle, put it inside an enjoy the ambiance.

AuthorCamille Pacori