Cutting a wine bottle to create a vase has been on my to do list for a while now. You may have seen these projects floating around which vary from a drinking glass, candle holder or a flower vase. I wanted to attempt to make a tall clear vase out of a white wine bottle. It would look so sleek and fun; so I decided it was time to try this project.

Glass Cutting Materials and Instructions

I knew I needed a bottle glass cutting kit so I headed out to track one down. After visiting many stores I found one at Michaels craft store. I was so excited to try it out that I rushed home and pulled all my supplies out. Luckily I had two old clear wine bottles sitting in my recycling. The biggest pain was cleaning the labels off completely. The instructions made it very clear that there could not be any glue residue or it would dull the glass cutter. Another very important instruction was to wear safety goggles as glass shards can fly off and into your eye.


I read the instructions a couple times, set my glass cutter to the proper height and started cutting.  To do this you only score the bottle once which is one complete turn of the bottle. My excitement was unbearable as I was getting close to a new vase! The next step was a hot/cold water bath.


The idea is to submerge the score line into a pot of simmering water and then plunge it into an ice bath. The quick difference in temperature is what would cause the glass to separate at the score line...or so I thought. The bottle separated at every point possible. My excitement and joy shattered just as quickly as it did. I even tried again and it just got worse. At this point I wanted to be done; there was no way I would get a vase out of this mess.


After my frustration subsided I noticed one piece actually looked like a neat, oddly shaped vase. I didn't think it would look good clear so I pulled out some metallic mirror spray paint and coated it three times ( this was after I sanded the raw sharp edge, we don't want to paint it red ) I am actually really happy how it turned out and glad I was able to take this experience and turn it into a happy ending. I still want to be able to achieve a desired look with the glass cutter so I will be attempting this again, just maybe not for a while.


Final Thought

Even if a project or DIY is not going how you would like, don't stop and give up. If you can get past the frustration you may be pleasantly surprised with the final outcome. 

Word of the Day: Aluminum Paint

A paint that includes aluminum particles that give a paint a metallic appearance when dry. 

AuthorCamille Pacori