You may think that curb appeal only matters if you are trying to sell but improving the exterior of your home will make for an inviting first impression. Coming home after work will also be an enjoyable experience as you will be able to relax and unwind as soon as you walk up your pathway. 

Budget may be holding you back but know that there are a lot of ways of improving curb appeal that cost next to nothing or very little. I have compiled a list of budget friendly recommendations.


Many years of standing up against the elements of hot beating sun, rain, snow and wind can cause paint colours to fade. To freshen up the exterior, paint one new coat of the existing colour. You will only need one coat since you are going over the same colour. If you would prefer to completely change the colour make sure to properly prep, prime and paint at least two coats using exterior grade paint. No matter whether you are painting one or three coats always make sure that the surface is very clean and slightly scuffed so that the new paint will adhere properly.

If you don't want to paint the entire front of your home you could always paint architectural elements or the front door. Choose bright or elegantly dark colours to achieve a sophisticated fresh look. You may even consider completely replacing your front door. If so, I recommend you check out choosing a front door.

Update the Hardware

Front door trim sets are used on a daily basis so the finish can rub and wear over time which creates a dated and worn appearance. You can give new life to the front of your home by replacing these parts with bright and shiny hardware. Its always a good idea to replace the mailbox, light fixtures and house numbers to match the new hardware to keep colours and finishes consistent. Stay away from mixing multiple hardware colours as this can create an disorganized and poorly thought-out plan. 

Trim Trees, Bushes, Grass and Plant Flowers

No matter how good the house looks, an unruly yard is off-putting, uninviting and can create an unwanted atmosphere. Keeping the lawn cut, hedges trimmed and weeds pulled will give the appearance of a clean and tidy exterior. You can improve on this more by adding pops of colour with a couple potted flowers or hanging baskets. These are available premade and ready to go at most garden centers so its even a good idea for people who don't have a very green thumb.  

Repair or Replace Broken Elements

This is probably the least fun thing you can do to your exterior but it is one of the most important and should be addressed first. There is no point doing anything else if siding is missing, eaves troughs are hanging loose or there are holes in the wall. Sometimes all you need to do is make the necessary repairs for a renewed exterior which will greatly improve your curb appeal.

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AuthorCamille Pacori