When you think of front walkways the first thing that may come to mind are those bland, boring, rectangular cement blocks which are installed as a standard in front of most homes. You are not restricted to this only option; there are so many different materials, designs and colours available, it would be best to take advantage of this. More thought-out and luxurious pathways will create a focal point which will lead right up to your house.

Naturally Shaped Stone and Wood

Using un-honed stones and tree trunk slices creates an organic and one of a kind pathway. No two pieces are the same which means the pathway may be slightly uneven and oddly spaced. Not recommended if you are trying to achieve a symmetrical pathway with no flaws. These are typically used with cabins or rustic cottages but can be incorporated into modern, contemporary or traditional styled homes.

Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are a classic and timely choice as they will never go out of style, are durable and will stand up against many years of wear. The finish or appearance is  slightly less than perfect which means you wouldn't notice a cracked or chipped brick and can work with pretty much any style. If there is ever a need to replace a portion of the pathway this can be done as it is less likely to disturb the surrounding bricks. If the mortar is carefully chipped away you could pull the old brick out and slide a new one into place and re-mortar. You can also create different designs and shapes using the same brick so the options are endless.

Crushed Stone and Gravel

Crushed stone or gravel is a fairly economical pathway choice. Its cheap, easy to find and can be replaced or added to at anytime. When designing a pathway with crushed stone make sure to add a brick or stone boarder around the pathway to keep the stone from migrating onto the lawn. Do keep in mind that pieces will still end up on the lawn no matter how hard you try to avoid this. Since its a loose material it will shift and may require an occasional clean up. Its also not a very good idea for snowy climates as it cannot be shoveled.

Mixing Materials

Don't forget that you can mix these materials together. Choosing to combine a stone tile with gravel will create a unique texture and colour combination. Mix rectangular bricks with round flat stones or dark slate with white sand. A huge statement will be made by doing something completely different. It will create a unique, interesting and exciting curb appeal.

Word of the Day: Grout

A mortar used to set tiles or fill cavities.  

Happy Decorating! 

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