The fence boarders the yard and can add an interesting element to any garden. They provide privacy to create a secluded hideaway from the surrounding neighbours or can be used purely for design. No matter what you plan on using the fence for, it is an essential element for curb appeal and exterior design.

Natural fence

Hedges, bushes and trees can be grouped, grown and pruned to create a natural fence. While they do take many years to grow to proper height and yearly maintenance is a must, they do provide a beautifully stunning barrier. Natural fences can be pruned into any shape, height and depth which means you can control the amount of privacy desired. Do keep in mind that if you are in a 4 season climate the bushes will be bare during the colder months so you will loose a considerable amount of privacy during this time.

Stone Fence

There is quite a bit of flexibility when designing a fence with stone.  You can achieve a rustic appearance by loosely stacking stones the length of the required fence. These are most likely to crumble and fall apart over the years but this only adds to the rustic charm.  Or you can use cut stone tiles with mortar to design a clean traditional or modern fence. These hold up better and may only ever require smaller repairs.

Metal Fence

Steel or copper fences will age to a beautiful red rust or green and black patina whereas stainless steel or protected metals will remain shiny and bright. Any pattern, shape, style or design can be achieved by using metal. Cut designs from flat pieces or combine corrugated steel with copper for a unique, interesting texture and colour combination.

Wood Fence

While this is the most commonly used fence material it doesn't mean that it has to be boring. Interesting designs and stains can be used to compliment any home. Wide or thin slats with space in between or tightly installed planks will allow you to alter the amount of privacy desired. You can even use a wood fence as a decorative addition which will not obstruct most of your view. Wood does require yearly maintenance but can also be left alone to age and weather.

Word of the Day: Corrugated galvanised iron

Sheets of galvanized steel which is cold rolled to produce a lineal corrugated pattern.

Happy Decorating! 

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