Decorative string Lights

The most common time of year to use decorative string lighting is during the Christmas holidays. They come in the well known tear drop shape in the colours green, red and white and once the season is over they usually get taken down and stored until next Christmas. There is something magical about this type of lighting; it adds a sparkle to the exterior and creates a fun and exciting atmosphere. With all of the different styles available you can enjoy string lighting all year long.

Use simple white sting lights as ambient lighting overtop an outdoor eating area.  These produce enough light to clearly see what you are doing but still create a relaxing atmosphere.

Coloured box lanterns line the perimeter of a covered deck. They add an interesting, fun and colourful element which couldn't be achieved by using white lights. The red is then pulled through the rest of the room with the addition of the red cushions.

String lights that don't produce enough light to be used as ambient lighting can alternately be used as decorative lighting. Use them to line a fence, doorway or string them in a tree. Even if they don't help you see they will create a soft and interesting glow that can compliment any outdoor lighting scheme.

Word of the Day: Luminaire  

A complete light fixture including the lamp and all supportive elements. 

Happy Decorating! 

AuthorCamille Pacori