Most renovations are within the current walls and structure of the home so chances are you wont be able to move walls to change the size and shape of a room. You may be surprised to know that you can use different kinds of furniture to achieve the appearance of a completely different space. Some furniture can make a small room look larger while others can make a large room look smaller.

Choosing Furniture Appropriate for the Space

Furniture Size

The size of furniture should be relative to the size of the room. Choose larger or oversized pieces for a big room. If you go with something too small it will appear as if these objects are floating in the middle of the room which can make the it look empty.

 Small and slim pieces of furniture should be planned for smaller rooms. Over stuffing a small room with large items will cramp and clutter the space which creates an uncomfortable atmosphere. While it is important that the main pieces best suit the space that doesn't mean that all items need to. Add larger or smaller elements to add interest and break up the consistency. Any furniture styles can be used to best suit both types of rooms whether large or small. 

The photo below is a good example or furniture used in small space. This room combines a kitchen, dining room and living room into one area without looking cluttered or cramped. Smaller more streamline furniture was used to create a comfortable and sleek home.

Furniture Shape

The shape and weight of furniture can also be used to change the appearance and atmosphere of a room. Thin legs, glass table tops, clear vases and lightly upholstered chairs and sofas create a delicate and dainty space. Whereas thick furniture legs, over stuffed sofas, chunky dressers and large framed paintings add a visual weight to the room. It is possible to get large delicate items and small but visually heavy pieces so it is best to mix these where possible to create a well balanced room.

Below, large heavily upholstered sofa and chairs combined with very delicate elements create a well balanced room which doesn't look cramped or empty.

Furniture Placement

Furniture size and shape are equally important but the most crucial aspect is furniture placement. Work around natural traffic patterns, utilize or display architectural elements and combine clearance requirements with properly proportioned furniture. By following these simple guidelines you can create a beautiful and comfortable space which will flow seamlessly from one room to the next.

Well balanced, proper furniture size and shape, great flow and hits of interesting elements create this unique and fun, yet comfortable space. 

Word of the Day: Ormolu Mount

A decorative treatment usually made from copper or zinc typically applied to furniture to create the appearance of gold. 

Happy Decorating! 

AuthorCamille Pacori