Sustainable design has become quite popular in the last 15-20 years. Some people might think that decorating or building “Green” is just a fad but it is something that should be deeply considered when ever taking on a remodeling project. There is only one earth that sustains life and if we run it dry there will be no life and every effort should be made to so that new home construction can be attainable for generations to come.

What is a “Green Home”

A green building is a structure that is designed and constructed in an environmentally and energy efficient manner. They also perform and operate at a higher level and efficiency with very little to no waste. There are many things to consider when building green which include:

  1. Energy efficiency and conservation
  2. Indoor air and environment quality
  3. Resource and materials efficiency
  4. Occupant health and productivity
  5. Transportation efficiency
  6. Improved environmental quality

Not only is the surrounding environment taken into consideration but so are the living conditions and health of the occupants. Green sustainable design has to be just as good and comfortable for humans or no one would do it.

Why Go Green

You know that building in a sustainable manner will benefit the earth and your own living conditions but you may be wondering what else it has to offer.

Environmental reasons

  1. Improved environmental quality of the earth. This includes air, water and land quality while protecting limited resources and ecosystems.
  2. Natural resource and material conservation. To reduce the use of non renewable resources and building with materials that are easily renewed or low impact.
  3. Water conservation

Using renewable resources, reducing waste and improving efficacy will provide us with a cleaner, fresher and nicer earth to live on. If we were to continue building and wasting like we are now there would be nothing left for future generations.

Personal Reasons

  1. Improved indoor air quality and environmental quality  
  2. Lower energy consumption  
  3. Waste reduction  
  4. Personal responsibility  
  5. Good and highly efficient design  

Irritants would be reduced, breathing would be better and overall health would improve. Sustainable design has so many benefits its hard to not want to decorate and build this way. Since there are to many things to review in one night, I have decided to make this a week long segment. I will be reviewing materials, fixtures, furniture and lighting in a renewable and environmentally responsible way.

Word of the Day: Chemical sensitivity

A term used to define a condition experienced by some people who are affected by a trace amount of chemicals in the air, water or food that would have no apparent affect on most people. 

AuthorCamille Pacori