I found a really neat canvas art project on Pinterest and wanted to recreate it. Since Fall is officially tomorrow I thought what better theme to base it off of other than autumn.


  • Canvas or canvas board
  • Glue stick  
  • Paint  
  • Paint brush
  • News paper or magazines
  • Sticker letters or shapes ( I used both ) 


First you need to apply a base too the canvas board. You can use a single sheet or a collage of what ever type of paper you prefer. This can be news paper, sheet music, magazines, book pages or you could paint it or leave it blank. What you want is a base colour that is different from the top coat of paint.

I used torn pieces of magazine in fall colours and applied them using a glue stick. You could probably use any type of glue but found this to be quick and easy.


After the base is applied, play around with the positioning of the stickers until you are happy with the way it looks. Then apply the stickers and make sure that no corners are lifting or the paint will bleed. I would even consider stopping at this point because it looks pretty neat.


Paint the entire surface. I wanted some of the base to come through so I painted fairly light and hardly touched the sides. You could use as many colours as you like; I used yellow and green to stay within the fall theme.  Let the paint set for a couple minutes but make sure to remove the stickers before it is completely dry. The drier it gets the harder it is to remove the stickers.


There is only one thing that I would have done different and that would be to apply a black top coat before removing the stickers. Some of the letters are hard to see and a darker paint would fix that issue. I may still add a black outline so that the letters stand out. 

Word of the Day: Remarque

Additional enhancements made by the artist on some or all prints within an addition. 

Happy DIYing! 

AuthorCamille Pacori