While looking for inspiration to complete my autumn themed canvas art project I came across some other really neat canvas projects. One DIY was to apply raised wooden letters on canvas and paint the entire thing one colour. I just happened to have another canvas board I thought I would attempt this project.

I have seen this done many times with white or off white so I wanted to try a bold and exciting colour to portray the word I decided to use.


  • Canvas board
  • Raised letters or shapes ( can be wood or cardboard ) 
  • Glue ( I used white school glue ) 
  • Paint of choice
  • Paint brush

Other instructions recommend using spray paint to achieve a very clean finish but I wanted some texture and inconsistency.


First, choose what wooden letters, words or shapes you would like to use. These can be found at Michaels Craft Store or most smaller craft and hobby stores. Play around with placement until you are happy with the way it looks. I liked the word dream and decided to center it. I was originally going to place the word near the bottom but decided I didn't like it so I was glad I tried a couple placements first. Once you are happy, apply glue to the backside. Don't apply too much or it will squish out the sides.


While it was drying I set a heavy book on top so that the letters would be tight against the canvas. Once completely dry you can then paint the entire surface or leave it unfinished.


I chose to paint it beautiful violet and love the outcome.  


Word of the Day: Acrylic

A fast drying paint comprised of a plastic base which cleans up with water and soap. Once dry, mineral spirits must be used to remove the paint.

Happy Painting! 

AuthorCamille Pacori