Decorating a fall table center piece with pumpkins can be fun, easy and inexpensive. You usually don't need to do to much to the pumpkin to make them look good since they are naturally orange and beautiful. If you decide you would like to spice them up you can easily do so with paint, decoupage, gems and other natural elements. 

Painting Pumpkins

Paint a collection of pumpkins one colour for a simple monotone display. This is very elegant and clean while staying within the fall theme. You can paint them any colour to match existing décor.

Use metallic paints for a glitzy and fun centerpiece.

Carved Pumpkins

Carve a simple design into the side of a pumpkin and add a tea light candle into the center for a soft flicker of light.  They make great temporary candle holders that creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Miniature Pumpkins

Mini pumpkins can be easily combined with other elements and work well to compliment a larger centerpiece. Since they are so small they are usually not the focal point but you can combine many mini pumpkins together for an extravagant display. They go great with any colour and can work in any layout.

Simple Display using Gourds

Pumpkins are the common choice for an organic fall displays but the gourd can be a unique and surprising change from the norm. They come in many shapes, colours and sizes so they can go well with any style. Choose gourds of a similar size and shape to create a clean yet striking centerpiece.

Word of the Day: Atlantic Giant  

A variety of pumpkin that consistently produce the largest pumpkins that are used in competition.  

Happy pumpkin picking! 

AuthorCamille Pacori