Autumn wreaths are a welcoming, warm and colourful addition to any front door that can be used right through fall and into the first of the winter months. I have provided you with some autumn wreath inspiration which you can either buy premade or make yourself.

Corn Husk Wreath

A beautiful, simple and organic wreath made from corn husks. Glue dried husks onto a wreath form making sure to overlap so that no foam is visible.

Pine Cone Wreath

Find pinecones in your yard or buy scented ones from any craft store and hot glue them onto a wreath foam form.  Keep adding and overlapping the cones until no foam shows. You may end up with an oddly shaped wreath which only adds to the organic autumn theme.

Green Apple Wreath

Use plastic or foam apples instead of real apples. This will reduce weight and it will never ever go bad. Choose any colour of apple or mix and match many colours together for a exciting fall wreath.

Harvest Wreath

Combine all things that you would see at a harvest into one wreath. Pumpkins and gourds with leaves, grasses, wheat and oats. Many different elements create a unique and interesting wreath which will make people look twice.

Natural Wreath

Natural wreaths use exactly what the name states. Combine pine cones, twigs and dried flowers of similar colours for a textural and visually pleasing wreath. Randomly adhere these elements using hot glue onto a wreath form until no foam shows.

Word of the Day: Variegated Foliage

Leaves that are not solid green in colour. 

Happy Wreathing! 


AuthorCamille Pacori