What is eclectic design?

Eclectic design is quite hard to define because it can encompass an endless array of styles, shapes, colours, themes and combinations. The best way to describe what it means to be eclectic is that its a perfect mirrored image of you! It combines all the things you love. Special items that are found during your travels, gifts from friends, old antiques and new accessories.

It may seem easy enough to put together a bunch of beloved items into a space but it does require special planning. It could possibly be one of the hardest styles to make look good since there is no similar theme to follow. All furniture and accessories are different and if not done correctly the space can look messy or cluttered. A clean and well balanced eclectic space can be achieved by following a couple simple tips.

Tips for Decorating Eclectically

Focal Point

Choose a couple pieces that influences you personally, something that you are drawn to and must have. Place this in a spot which is easy to see and turn it into a focal point. Once you have a couple pieces in place you can then start to add other accessories and furniture that compliment these focal points.

Colour wheel

Colour is a great way to tie an entire room together even if each item is different. By pulling 3 to 5 specific colours throughout the room you are able to achieve unity and a visually appealing space. Balancing colour is also a very important requirement; you don't want an over whelming amount of bright colours so it is essential to throw a couple neutral or muted colours into the mix.

Tried and Tested

Sometimes the best way to know if something fits in your eclectic space is by trying it out. You may even have to move it around in a couple different places until it looks good. There are instances where it wont look good no matter how hard you try to make it work so it is best to move it into another room and use something else. Try different combinations. Put a shiny metallic vase next to a rough and highly textured African mask. Play around with it until you are happy.

Word of the Day: Arabesque

Decorative scroll work or intricate ornamentation consisting of vines, leaves, fruit, human or animal figures.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori