Last week I started a new project of converting a wooden reel into a coffee table. Since it is taking me a couple weeks to complete I thought I would update you on my progress. You can check out Part One to see this project from the beginning.

I prepped the top last week so today I sanded the base making sure to get into all the cracks so that there would be no possibility of splinters.

There were also a couple staples that there sticking out that needed to be removed. I used a set of pliers to safely pull these out as to not hurt myself.

After sanding I used a paint brush to loosen and remove all saw dust and dirt. You could also use a rag but I find the bristles on the brush get into hard to reach areas.

Make sure to clean up your work area before moving onto the next stage of painting or staining. This will reduce the chances of dust settling on the wet surface.

I will have more completed for you next week!

Word of the day: Bound water in wood

Water that is within the cell structure of wood. Loss of bound water results in dimensional shrinkage.

Happy Sanding!

AuthorCamille Pacori