Shiny metal studs can add character and attitude to your interior décor without being harsh or overly raw. Think biker chick leather and chains mixed with elegant and soft silk. It may seem odd at first but when these little hints of metal are added carefully, it can create a sophisticated yet fierce atmosphere.

You Put Studs Where?

Studded Doors

Brightly coloured doors with the addition of rounded brass studs give this once boring hallway a unique hit of colour and interest. Not much can be done with a hallway because of limited space which makes it important to add these little details. You will also notice that these doors are in fact completely flat but the studs add depth and create the appearance of panels.

Studs can also be added to doors in a more subtle and sophisticated way. Black sleek doors are taken to the next level with large satin rivets. The colours are complimented well throughout the rest of the entrance.

Studded Furniture

While it is possible to find store bought furniture already adorned with studs there is always the option to add your own with a good quality fabric glue or stud setting machine. Use studs that compliment the colour and style of fabric. You can also glue studs onto hard surfaces.

Check out the photo below. The studs help to incorporate these contemporary chairs into this eclectically rustic room. Without the studs it is possible these chairs may have looked out of place. The simplest details can make a whole world of difference.

Designs and shapes are created in this decoratively studded dresser.

Studded Wall

Now I am not talking about the wooden wall studs that holds your room together, nope. I am talking about adding studs to your wall. As you will see in the photo below a slightly lighter stud was added to create a feature wall. It adds a little bit of texture and interest to this space.

Be careful to not over do it. Adding studs to too many items can be a little over whelming. It should be a subtle yet striking introduction of studs.  They can change the entire look of a room and may not always work in all instances. Start by adding a single accessory with studs to see if it works well in your space.

Word of the Day: Banding

An inlay that produces a colour or wood grain contrasting with the surface it decorates.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori