What is a powder room?

Its a small room consisting of only a toilet and sink typically in an area accessible by all family members and guests. Since there is no bathtub or shower, its considered a half bath reserved specifically for relieving yourself. You will most likely see the powder room on the main floor of a multi story home strategically placed by the mudroom.

This might be one of the last rooms you would consider renovating but it can also be a great place to start. Its a small room that does not require much and it wont take up alot of your time. You could spend one weekend renovating and end up with a new and fresh bathroom.

Things to Consider When Renovating Your Powder Room


Are you intimidated by tiling a room by yourself or have always wanted to try a different flooring product? Maybe leather tiles or parkay floor intrigue you but you don't want to try it on a large surface unless you know for certain that you like it. This is the perfect time to try your hand at installing your own flooring or trying something different. If mistakes were to happen or you just don't like the final result it is such a small surface that you could restart without losing to much time or money.

Walls and Ceiling

While you could choose to paint your walls and ceiling, don't shy away from wall paper, wood slats, tile and metal paneling or a combination of materials. While it is not necessary to do any of these things they can add interest to your walls.

Vanity and Toilet

Finding a new vanity for your powder room may be one of the most exciting aspects of this renovation. With the number of styles, shapes, colours, sizes and price ranges available you will be able to find something that will work perfect in your space. Since this isn't the main bathroom for grooming it will not require very much storage but it is a good idea to find a vanity with a little storage for extra rolls of toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

Searching for a toilet may be at the complete opposite end of excitement. Its very boring but absolutely necessary that you take the time to research for the best toilet to suit your families needs. Low flush, dual flush, assisted flush or eco friendly all have positives that may or may not work best for you. 

Accessories, Mirrors and Hardware

The finishing touches is what can set your powder room apart from the rest. A stunningly framed mirror can add weight to the room and a sink tap can tie all of the hardware together. Beautiful lighting sets the mood and fresh cut flowers add a hint of life and nature.

Word of the Day: Heat tempered

Glass that has been hardened to prevent cracking through a process of rapid heating and cooling.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori