Its the beginning of the year and the perfect time to change old habits and to promise yourself a better year. If you are anything like me you have thought about what you wanted to do differently but never write it down. Within a couple weeks all is forgotten and we go back to eating our crispy bacon and chocolate cake, drinking more than we should and completely ignoring all the personal promises we made to ourselves. This year will be different...I hope. While it is always uncertain of how the year will go there are a couple things you can do to hold yourself accountable to your resolutions.

One, write it down. Putting your hopes, dreams and promises on paper is a good start but make sure to include reasons why you want to make these changes. A positive reward is highly motivating but place it in a highly visible area where you will see it every day. Two, look at your list and read it once a month, week or day to remind yourself what you are striving for and why. Three, reward yourself along the way. This gives you something to look forward to without completely burning yourself out. Lastly, don't beat yourself up if you stumble. Accept it, move on and do better next time.

This is why I have decided to write down my resolutions for all to see. They are personal and blog related so that I can strive towards a more successful and rewarding year.

Personal Resolutions

  • Stay organized
  • De-clutter and throw away unnecessary items
  • Keep a tidy home
  • Pay off debt
  • Walk the dog more
  • Read more
  • Do not procrastinate
  • Try new recipes

Being fairly organized I clean the house once a week. It takes multiple hours to achieve my standard of cleanliness but I know that if I tidied up my mess after I made it, cleaning day would be much easier. I am also notorious for leaving dirty laundry on the floor and piling opened mail on my dresser. That must stop!

I would also consider myself quite lazy. Sitting on my butt all day watching TV is considered a good day in my books but feel like I could do so much more with my time. Currently, I work full time during the week but my weekends are free to do what ever I please but I usually don't leave my pajamas. I want to accomplish more.

Blog Related Resolutions

  • Plan months in advance 
  • Post more
  • Complete interesting and unique projects
  • Refinish more furniture
  • Complete more artwork
  • Try different things
  • Step outside the box with different types of posts
  • Keep it fresh and interesting

I like to fly by the seat of my pants so there are some posts that are not very well thought out. This also creates the problem of skipping days, smaller posts and undetailed information. My passion for decorating, crafting and refurbishing is very strong but I may not always portray that. The goal is to provide you with inspiration and desire to try these things for yourself. I want you to be inspired like I am!

Now that you know what I plan to do differently this year do you have any New Years Resolutions?

Word of the Day: Carousal

A noisy or drunken feast or social gathering.

Happy New Year!

AuthorCamille Pacori