Tight on storage? If you live in an older or fairly small home you can attest to the lack of storage available. Older homes are notorious for limited closet space, small pantries and awkward cupboards. Smaller homes have even less. Maybe you live in a larger home with many closets and drawers but find that there is still a requirement for more storage. Since it seems like there is never enough, I thought I would provide you with some unconventional storage solutions that you could easily work into your home.

Between Stud Storage

Interior walls are typically framed with 2 x 4 studs spaced 16 inches apart in load bearing walls and 24 inches apart in non-load bearing walls. If you were to remove the drywall between these studs you could potentially create a small cubby hole that is 3-1/2 inch deep by approximately 14-1/2 or 22-1/2 inch wide and could be used to store smaller items. Some walls in your home may have been framed thicker which would allow for a deeper storage space. You could even add some trim work, doors and drawers so that it better blends into your surrounding décor.

If you do plan on attempting this yourself make sure to only apply this treatment to interior walls and be careful when cutting into the dry wall so that you do not hit any electrical cords or pipes.

Overhead Ceiling Storage

This is a great storage solution for garages, basements, attics and offices with high ceilings. You want to be able to walk underneath without the fear of hitting your head. Any sturdy storage bin with a lip could be used with a constructed wood track system. The dimensions of your track will be determined by the size of your bin and could be altered and adjusted to hold more or less. 

Open or exposed rafters is also a great storage possibility. Ledges and shelves could be created to store items used less often like seasonal decorations, winter sleds and camping gear etc.

Under Stair Storage

I mentioned this in a previous post and wanted to mention it again because of what a good idea it is. Room already exists under stairs for storage but it is cramped and the access is awkward. The addition of drawers brings this potentially wasted space into an accessible and convenient storage solution.

Word of the Day: Ambry

A recess for the storage of goods in medieval churches.

Happy Storing!

AuthorCamille Pacori