A media room is a different kind of beast all together. Its specific area in the home separated with thicker sound blocking walls, acoustic considerations, hi-tech electronics, tiered seating and the most important part the snack bar. Its meant specifically for one of three things, listening to music, watching a movie or playing video games! Its not typically a room that can be used for other activities specifically because of the layout and location in the home. The media room is separated from the rest of the living space so there really is no reason to enter this room unless you're enjoying a family movie night.

Since this separation exists I do believe this is a room that you could have a little more fun with and decorate it with funky colours and exciting décor. Here is some media room inspiration to get you started.

Mediterranean Inspired Theater Room

The colours and arched windows add a Mediterranean flare to this room while remaining contemporary and up to date. The walls are upholstered to reduce acoustical issues caused by rounded walls. Tiered sofas improve the view for the seating in the back. Its kept comfortable with the addition of throw pillows.

Soft goods like pillows, carpet and upholstered furniture will reduce acoustical issues. If you are struggling with an echo try adding a couple pieces of small furniture into trouble areas.

Sports Pub Theater Room

Watching sports in a theater room is a good experience but watching in a sports pub inspired room is even better. You can cheer for your team as loud as you want, have a nice cold beer and enjoy the company of your friends all in the comfort of your own home.

Dimmable pot lights allow you adjust the lighting depending on what you are watching and what kind of mood you would like to set.

Classic Theater Room

Nothing says classic theater room quite like red velvet and gold. Decorate your theater room to look exactly like an old theater and bring back the nostalgia. This is not only fun but the detailed trim work and copious amounts of velvet will correct any acoustical issues.

Luxurious Moroccan Theater Room

Oversized seating allows you to lay back and relax while you enjoy your movie. Neon paints and black light creates a beautiful design that lights up in the dark which safely guides you to your seat.

Word of the Day: Artisan Style

A style characterized by fine workmanship that celebrates the makers ethnicity.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori