Our stereo is smoking hot! Its a mean, lean, gear grinding machine that just cant be stopped. Its so hot that it could set this house on fire...literally. Yup, it exploded into a fiery ball of smoke. May our stereo surround sound forever rest in peace.

The misadventure began late last night as we were enjoying some evening TV watching The Girl Next Door.  Elisha Cuthbert's sultry sexiness may in fact have caused the stereo to spontaneously combust into flames but this is something we will never know. It was scary at first because the smell of burning plastic came out of nowhere and was quite strong. We thought it might be the furnace but that proved to be fruitless ( thank goodness ) and then the search was on to find the source of the smell. Eventually, we figured out that something near the TV was burning because of the noticeable smoke filling the room.

Everything was quickly unplugged and inspected. It was originally thought that the internet modem was burning but after trying to watch Big White today we realized it was the surround system. Its a sad day for entertainment. The TV speakers sound a little hollow but we are going to make it work. The biggest indication that something was wrong was the fact that the internal fan stopped working. Its been making weird sounds for the last year but continued to work until last night. Queue funeral music. 

Tips for Keeping your Surround Sound Working in Tip Top Shape

  • Clean and remove dust bunnies often. Dust can build up inside which could cause the fan to labour and could actually insulate components which could also lead to overheating.
  • Visually inspect, if something looks out of place or broken have it fixed.
  • Listen. If the stereo is making weird grinding sounds it may be time to have it replaced or looked at.

Depending how old your surround system is it may be more economical to completely replace it as opposed to having it fixed.

Word of the day: Electromagnetic Interference

An unwanted signal emitted by any electronic apparatus.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori