Today we are celebrating one of my good friends birthday. The plan is to visit a sports pub, have some good food and a couple of delicious drinks. Who knows we may even start singing and dancing on the tables; tonight should prove to be very interesting. We are going to keep it safe by leaving our vehicles at home and hop a cab to our destination.

Wanting to show my appreciation to my friend for being so awesome I had to find the perfect gift. After some serious searching I found it!

Lets just say that she has a huge obsession with hats and an inside joke about being a pretty big deal, which she is! This gift really does have quite a bit of importance and I do believe she will love it. Now all I needed to do now was wrap it. I usually use tissue paper to crudely cover the object but I wanted to make this look amazing so I headed out to the local dollar store.

I found a cute box, some beautiful wrapping paper and purple ribbon.

Gift Wrapping Tips

  • Measure and mark your wrapping paper. The perfect size with a slight overlap will produce the best looking wrapped gift. Too much paper could make certain edges and folds look bulky whereas not enough will leave some of the box bare.
  • Use a straight edge and utility knife to create the perfect cut.
  • Use double sided or invisible tape so that it is well hidden.
  • Keep seams on the bottom.
  • Use as little tape as possible.
  • Gently crease folds for a crisper appearance.

Once completely wrapped you can then add ribbon or other embellishments. I added some thin ribbon offset from the center in a crisscross pattern.

AuthorCamille Pacori