I have a couple pairs of pajama pants that I can no longer wear but not wanting to just throw them out I decided to make them into something new. I realized that a recycled crochet rag rug is the perfect project for old clothes. The fabric is already worn out and would be ultra soft under foot.


I started by cutting the hem off so that there would be no overly thick sections which would be harder to work with.

A lot of tutorials recommend cutting strips directly across the fabric and then attaching each end together. I feel like that would be a lot of unnecessary work so I decided to cut a continuous spiral strip up the pant leg. I wasn't overly careful while cutting. It wasn't perfectly even but was fairly consistent the entire length.

I was left with one very long strip that I wrapped into a ball to keep it organized.

You could use a simple round pattern or doily design to create a circular rug. Since this fabric didn't have much stretch I had to crochet very loose so that I could pull the hook through. It is a little tedious and time consuming so its best to go slow and be patient. I plan to have some more completed for you by next weekend.

Happy Crocheting!

AuthorCamille Pacori