What is industrial design?

Industrial design is edgy and raw, exposed and unfinished, aged and vintage. Think old factory with exposed beams combined with an open and airy loft space. Rich deep woods and rusty patina metals are complimented by polished concrete and unfinished brick. Textures range from smooth and shiny to rough and chunky while colours are fairly muted, neutral or deep.

Industrial Spaces

Starting with the proper interior space will make incorporating this design easier in the long run as certain homes are just meant for an industrial design. Don't try to force this style in a country cottage or 2 story traditional home as it will more likely than not look out of place. Fairly open layouts with a modern or contemporary style is a great starting point for the addition of these raw elements. 

Industrial Finishes

If your space works wells but just don't have that aged appearance you could always add faux brick and concrete walls and visually decorative wooden beams. You will be better off if these elements currently exist in your home. Some may think that an old crumbly brick wall needs to be covered up where it could actually be embraced and displayed.

Industrial Fixtures

Vintage lighting, tarnished or rusted hardware and exposed electrical or plumbing scream old industrial factory. While you can buy these faux aged fixtures new you may have better luck finding something like that second hand at a flea market or thrift store.

Industrial Furniture and Accessories

Industrial furniture is probably one of the most interesting styles to search for as there are usually no two pieces alike especially if you buy second hand. This type of furniture is so interesting that they act as their own focal point which is improved even further with the addition of old rusted tools, galvanized steel and coloured glass.

Word of the Day: Antiquing

A paint or stain that is applied to an object to give the appearance of age.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori