I refuse to make the resolution to work out more and lose weight simply because I know it wouldn't last long. This is an on going struggle for me so its best if I take it a day at a time with short term goals. Maybe you feel the same way but want to try getting fit or have made the resolution to work out more but don't know where to begin.

Finding time and motivation to work out is necessary to improve your health but there may be a couple things holding you back from taking the plunge. Joining a gym is an expensive and long term commitment, the drive is far and its always busy. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. These concerns can completely snuff any spark of motivation leaving your inspiration of a healthier life for another year.

Don't let this stop you! There are simple and inexpensive ways to create a home gym which will get you started in the right direction. All you need is some clear floor space, a couple pieces of equipment and the right attitude and you will feel great and look better in no time.

Yoga Mat or Floor Mat

A mat is an important piece of equipment typically used for stretching, floor core work, push-ups and of course yoga! They can be found at Wal-Mart or any fitness store for approximately $15.

Free Weights

A full body workout can be completed with a set of free-weights but you don't need an entire rack to see results. Start with one or two sets of a comfortable weight. You should be able to complete 12 reps of 1 two 2 sets of an exercise and only increase the weight once it becomes easy. Dumbbells can be found at Canadian Tire or Wal-mart for $1 per pound.

Other Inexpensive Exercise Equipment

Other pieces of inexpensive exercise equipment include medicine balls, resistant bands, kettle bells and exercise ball which range between $15-$50

You don't need large overly expensive exercise machines, treadmills or stationary bikes to get fit. Good old jumping jacks, burpees and running in place will raise you heart rate. Take your workout outside and jog around the neighbourhood, complete lunges and squats at a football field and stretch at the park. Working out can be inexpensive and fun. Keep it up and be healthy.

Word of the Day: Anaerobic

High intensity exercise that burns glycogen for energy instead of oxygen.

Happy Exercising!

AuthorCamille Pacori