The finishing touches is what makes a home different from the rest. It adds personality, flare and it reflects what you feel, dream and desire. This is especially noticeable when buying finishing touches for an industrial inspired space since it is already a unique style to begin with.

I briefly touched on the basics of industrial style yesterday so I thought I would expand this idea into accessories and final elements.

Industrial Clocks

Get back to basics by shying away from digital. This vintage, rusty and raw clock speaks about more than just time. There is a history or story to this clock which will bring you to another era. Use it as a focal point or highlight a brick or concrete wall with this unique piece.

Display Old Machinery or Tools

Industrial design is all about old factories and vintage tools so take the opportunity to put something like that on display. This vintage screw propeller is a great conversation starter and it can be placed anywhere.

Merchant Cart

Adding a specific piece of furniture that reflects the industrial style is great especially if it looks like it came straight from a vintage factory. This high yet slim table could be used as a sofa table or small kitchen island.

Tractor Chair

Compliment your eat at island or bar height table with tractor chair stools. Even though this stool is made completely out of metal the shaped seat will add comfort while you sit.

Industrial Lamps

There are some really unique industrial lamps and pendants available which will only add warmth and interest to your space. You could even put together your own lamp using old parts and pieces that you could find second hand.

Word of the Day: Apothecary Jars

Cylindrical or oval shaped covered jars typically made of glass which were designed for the storage of medicinal herbs.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori