The favoured choice for finishing a wall in the last decade has been overwhelmed by paint but it seems like the desire for wallpaper is back on the rise. Since manufacturers have improved the overall look by updating patterns, colours and textures there really is no reason why this should not be considered a possible solution. Its easy and fast to put up an entire rooms worth of wallpaper in an afternoon but the removal is even simpler.

I remember struggling to remove thick and brittle wallpaper from the walls in my childhood bedroom with caustic chemicals and a very sharp razor. It seemed like copious amount of super glue was used at the time but this has long since changed. Some papers effortlessly peel from the wall with the simple addition of water. There are more positives to using wallpaper that I outlined below:

Positives of Using Wallpaper

  • Very little prep required. Nail holes and small dents do not need to be filled and you can usually apply the wallpaper directly over old paper as long as its not textured. Larger holes will need to be filled but it would not require a perfect finish before laying the wallpaper over top. Metallic or highly glossy papers may require more prep since it can make certain flaws in the wall more noticeable whereas textured papers less so.
  • Endless styles, colours and textures available.
  • You can achieve a look that is not possible with paint.
  • Easy and fast to apply to all walls.
  • Very little mess since water based glues can be easily cleaned from hard or soft surfaces.

With positives comes cons.

Cons of working with Wallpaper

  • Washing glue residue from the wall is time consuming and is required multiple times.
  • Some waste when lining up the pattern on the wall.
  • Not all papers are self adhesive and will require manual application.


We all know the originally intentions for wallpaper but there are many different things that can be done with it.

Framed Wallpaper

A beautiful patterned wall paper can make a wonderful piece of art. Cut out and frame a couple pieces in different sizes for a feature wall.

Faux metal Ceiling Tiles

Yes, wallpaper can be used on the ceiling! While this is something you rarely see, you could create a faux metal tile or plaster ceiling. Textured wallpapers can then be painted for a simply stunning patina appearance.

Textured Wainscoting

Accentuate paneled wainscoting with textured wallpaper. Paint it the same colour as the wall for a subtle appearance or paint it a few shades darker for a simple contrast.

Wallpapered Furniture

Add wallpaper to the inside of a bookcase, cabinet or on the outside of dresser drawers. Apply it to panels only or cover the entire piece. Its a simple way to customize furniture for your home.

Happy Wallpapering!

AuthorCamille Pacori