The start of this year has been interesting to say the least. Monday I had planned to be diligent with my blog but that kind of went out the window quite fast. My intentions were to get home early after work, walk the dog and then settle down to begin my writing. But instead I got stuck! My car got pulled into a foot and a half of snow. Queue crying sad face.  After spending an hour and a half trying to dig it out I still was stuck. I was tired and defeated and I ended up getting a ride home from a very nice colleague. The next day, my coworkers were nice enough to dig me out and I thought that was the end of my problems. Nope!

Shortly after work was done for the day I got a call from my guy that his truck broke down and that I needed to help him out by picking him up.

It’s amazing what events like that can do to someone’s energy and motivation. Even though I was exhausted I still started up my computer to write my blog post. Here is where the next tragic event occurred. My blog was down for maintenance! When it rains, it pours.

I am finally able to write a blog post and today is a much better day so I am more than happy to tell you about my attempted resolution of organizing my stuff. You call check out all of my New Year’s Resolutions HERE.

I took some before photos to show you exactly how bad it was and what you are about to see is quite scary and you may wonder how it can get this bad. I would say that its part laziness, part exhaustion and part getting stuck in the snow. The work days are long and it can be hard to keep the motivation to clean up my crap. That is all about to change!

Before Photos

Oh the horror!


Can you believe that everything actually has a proper place?

What I like to do is start by cleaning up like normal. Make the bed, throw out garbage and put the laundry into the hamper. I find it easier to organize when the room is already sort of clean.

In this photo you can tell that without doing very much the space already looks much better...Still cluttered though. Next, what you will want to do is make three separate piles. Throw out, keep and move.

Throw out: Any item that is old or outdated, broken or worn and no longer needed. Sometimes throwing out things can be hard but it feels so good once all that space is opened up.

Keep: Important or necessary items. If you never plan on using something don't keep it just because it is new.

Move: Some items are just in the wrong place altogether. I find bathroom items somehow end up on my dresser.

Organize according to importance and how often you use it. Things you use less often can be stored on the bottom or at the back and items that you use every day can be stored on top or even within immediate reach. Use old shoe boxes or store bought baskets to organize similar items like yarn, fabric, crafts, Christmas decorations etc.

I still have to organize inside the drawers plus figure out a solution for my mail, bills and letters. Even though there is still more to do the final outcome is a stress free and appealing space. I spent about an hour of my time for peace of mind. Now all I have to do is keep it this way which may be harder said than done.

After Photo

Word of the Day: Acrylic filler

A water based filler that remains highly flexible once dry to allow for movement.

Happy Decluttering!

AuthorCamille Pacori