So I have had a chance to work on my crochet rag rug over the last week and thought I would share my progress with you. On PART ONE of my recycled rag rug I showed you how to cut a continuous strip of fabric without any knots or connections. While this does produce a very consistent and smooth yarn, I did find it to be tedious and time consuming. Wanting to find a quicker way to get the yarn cut I decided to experiment.

Fast and Efficient Fabric Yarn Cutting Technique

I started by cutting an even rectangle of fabric from the old pajama pants. Straight lines and equal edges are very important with this technique otherwise it will not work very well. Next, fold it over so that the edges line up with each other. Its not especially important if the pattern matches up but it can be a good guide to follow.

You want to fold it a couple more times but be careful that you don't end up with something super thick or it will be impossible to cut. At this point you will want to cut evenly spaced strips.

You will be left with fairly even strips of fabric that you can then attach together with either a double knot or slit loop technique.

Yes, I just made up the slit loop name! I don't really know what its called but I like it. This is a very easy and secure way of attaching strips of fabric together. Plus, you don't end up with hard knots that could potentially feel terrible under foot. 

Slit Loop Technique

Cut small holes or slits in the end of each strip of fabric. You don't want the slits to go all the way to the edge.

Next, stick the end of one strip through the hole on the other strip.

Then take the tail end of the strip and push it through its own hole and pull tight.

Even though I had to attach many strips together it went very quick and I was able to get more done.

Happy Crocheting!

AuthorCamille Pacori