Hosting a Valentines dinner party is a great alternative to the traditional festivities that are celebrated on this day. Instead of spending copious amounts of money on a fancy dinner for two, why not plan and cook a beautiful three course meal for family and friends. You will be able to enjoy the company of your significant other while entertaining other couples in love or single friends.

Use the tablescapes and decorations below to plan the perfect Valentines dinner party whether you are planning a couples party, ladies night or singles meet up.

Valentines Tablescapes

Simple Red and White

If you are strapped for time or money use items found around the house for an eclectic and quick table display. White dishes and red candle holders work perfectly even if they are not specifically related to Valentines. Certain Christmas decorations like stars and hearts can also be used.

Cute and Fun Valentines

Get the kids involved and have them craft a table runner made from paper hearts and letters. A fun centerpiece can be made from edibles like conversation hearts, cinnamon hearts or sweet little macaroons. Just don't be surprised if these decorations disappear throughout the day. Don't stress about it too much and keep it simple.

Original Flowers

Not feeling like traditional red and pink roses? Combine different flowers in many colours to create a cute and unique centerpiece which will still look and smell amazing. If this is last minute, chances are there will be no roses left anyways. A perfect solution!

Well Planned Valentines

A well thought out table display includes many different elements which can be achieved by combining textures, layering items and using different sizes pieces. A simple but cute gift of peppermint candies is also included for each guest which can be taken home after.

Romance in the Air

Deep and vibrant red combined with black lays out the perfect table for a romantic dinner. Tall stick candles add elegance whereas the rose petals fill the air with a beautiful aroma.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori