Last year in November I posted a blog about how to organize your magazine clippings, photos and quotes by attaching them to an Inspiration Board. You would essentially be placing all of your dreams, desires and inspirations out in the open so that you can see it everyday which would motivate you to strive towards these goals. Since that day I have been wanting to start my own personal vision / inspiration board to motivate myself. After months of thinking about it I have finally put my foot down and bought a board!

Inspiration Board Materials

  • Cork or magnetic board of any size
  • Push pins or magnets
  • Scissors
  • Assortment of magazine or photos found online. You can also attach small objects.

Cut out any photo, quote or word that directly inspires you. Find items that relate to future goals or past memories whether it is something that you want to strive for or something you never want to forget . Attach anything from recipes, drawings and lyrics to fabric swatches, post cards and little trinkets.

Don't worry about filling up the board completely in the beginning. Continue to add to it whenever you find something that stands out to you. As you can see my board is no where close to being full but I suspect that it wont take long as I am always finding new things to add. I have also grouped specific items together to organize my thoughts and dreams.

Happy Dreaming!

AuthorCamille Pacori