A well planned and organized closet can be the envy of all your friends especially if its decorated and finished beautifully. It can make getting ready in the morning more like a fun endeavour and less like a chore. The days are gone of digging through cluttered drawers or emptying the entire closet to find your favourite dress. No matter whether you have a small closet or a large walk in dressing room you can design this storage space to suit your needs. You will be amazed at how well organized and great your clothes look.

Enclosed Compartments

Each separate compartment is sealed with a glass door. This not only looks beautiful and elegant but it also serves a purpose. Its keeps cooking smells or perfumes from penetrating the fabric to keep it fresh and clean while discouraging moths from ruining the clothes. 

Crystal knobs on the drawers compliment the clear glass doors, mirror, bench legs and light fixture. A luscious high pile carpet feels great under foot which adds to the comfort level in the room.

Fun, Funky and Organized

Adding a bright pop of colour really does get the juices pumping and is a great way to wake up in the morning. Its interesting and exciting without being overwhelming as the natural woods balance the space. The wall is a show piece just as much as the shoes.

An entire wall is reserved for shoe storage so that everything is on display and you don't have to search for your favourite pair. Shoes you wear less often can be placed at the top so that you wont need to get a stool everyday.

Easy Access

Floor to ceiling shelving units take advantage of all possible storage space and no room is wasted. A rolling ladder can be pushed along the entire length of the closet so that all upper shelves can be easily accessed without much effort.

This is quite an efficient closet while remaining calm and relaxing with the neutral colour pallet and soft lighting.

Tidy and Fresh

A very tidy and clean appearance is achieved by keeping everything behind closed doors. No need to make sure everything is folded perfectly or placed in its specific spot, all you must do is close the doors and everything looks great.

 The colour scheme is kept very simple with only a hint of colour at the center of the island.

Adjustable Closet for the Ever Changing wardrobe

Closets should be able to morph to suit our constantly changing wardrobes. The idea is that the horizontal bar can be moved to any notch up the entire height of the wall at any time. This is a great alternative to renovating and takes only a matter of minutes.

Happy Organizing!

AuthorCamille Pacori