The colour orange can be intimidating to decorate with. Its bright, very loud and can be a little overwhelming when generously used. Since orange can be quite intense, it needs to be strategically placed and paired with other hues to create a well balanced space. While this colour is quite often overlooked there are ways to incorporate it to add heat and excitement to your home.

Decorating With Orange

50 Shades of Orange

Surprisingly enough, brown is just a very dark shade of orange which makes it incredibly easy pairing these colours together. The deep rich brown cabinetry keeps the orange tiles from being overly bright while this small splash of colour adds to the excitement and energy in the kitchen. The same tint of orange is then pulled into the other room as a single feature wall which creates a seamless transition between the rooms.

It is also said that warm colours increase hunger which is perfect for a kitchen or eating space.

Accessorizing with Oranges

If jumping head first into a world of orange is a little too intimidating for you, start by adding small orange accessories, knick knacks and throw pillows to a fairly neutral space. If you are still finding it hard to commit, try buying a bag of bright oranges and place them in a bowl on the coffee table. It will only cost a couple dollars, they wont go to waste as they can be eaten and you may be surprised how much you like it.

Compliment with Blues

You don't want to be singing the blues so compliment bright orange with soft blue. Choose a main colour for your walls whether it is blue or orange and then add smaller items in the opposite colour. Try to achieve a 60-40 or 70-30 when combining two colours since an equal amount of each hue will create an unbalanced appearance. This technique can be used with any pair of complimentary colours.

Unique and Fun Orange Accessories

Below are some fun, unique and mind blowing orange accessories.

Orange Wall Jelly

This wall art is almost like it is alive as its appearance reflects moss growth.

Hand blown Bowl

Each hand blown vase is one of a kind and is a great addition to any space.

Artistic Throw Pillow

Beautiful and free flowing artwork applied directly to a throw pillow with a hint of orange.

Wall Decals

Decals can be easily applied and removed from any wall so its a fail safe way of incorporating orange into your room.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori