I love paper crafts. They are fairly inexpensive and versatile but I specifically chose this craft because how beautiful it looks. It can be placed on a door as a wreath or on any wall as art.

Paper Dahila Wreath Materials

  • Three or four different shades of coloured paper ( I used rectangular pieces of paper that were approximately 4 x 6 but you could use any size )
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cardboard

You will need a circular piece of cardboard about 8 inches across which you will mount your flower to. Once you have that ready you can then work on your petals.

Make the petals by tightly rolling your paper into a torch like shape, the top should be wider than the base. Next, shorten each petal by cutting about 1 inch from the bottom. 

Attach the first row of petals fairly close together. You want to minimize the space between each one to produce a full flower.

When attaching your next row you want to fill in any gaps with a lighter colour of paper. I found it was easier to attach this row by creasing the very end of each petal.

The third row is even lighter in colour. You could do one solid colour but the gradual change in shade creates a more natural looking flower.

Once you reach the center fill it in with smaller rolls or paper to make it look like new buds are forming. I think the way that this turned out looks very similar to a vibrant and beautiful ocean coral.

Happy Crafting!

AuthorCamille Pacori