Whether you are entertaining family from out of town for two weeks or letting a friend stay the night after one too many drinks its essential that you provide a warm and welcoming room for their stay. Adding special touches to these rooms you can keep your guests comfortable and entertained which in turn will create a stress free and relaxed atmosphere for everyone.

Consider what you would want if you were staying in someone else’s home. As a guest you may not want to interrupt, bug or even wake up your host if you require something. Approach this project almost like you are preparing a fancy hotel room or Bed & Breakfast suite. It should include everything to keep your guests happy.

Guest Bedroom

Tip: Extra warmth

Store extra blankets and pillows in your guest room so that if they get a sudden chill in the night they will be able to warm up without having to turn the heat up. If you live in a colder climate you may want to even consider installing a small room heater so they can personally control the temperature to suit their preference.

Tip: Clear table space and empty storage

If your guests plan on staying with you for longer than a couple days they will most likely have quite a bit of personal items with them. Have empty dressers and wardrobes for storage of clothes as well as empty flat surfaces so they can place items on top. If you want to decorate the bedroom consider hanging wall art instead as this will free up space for your guests.

Tip: Water and snacks

Supply the room with a couple bottles of water, a bowl of fruit, some candies and small single serving snack packets. This will keep your guests hunger at bay in-between meals. You can also supply the room with an electrical kettle, tea and instant coffee so they can enjoy a hot drink before everyone else wakes up.

Guest Bathroom

Tip: Keep your guest bathroom well stocked at all times.

Your guest bath should be well stocked with extra rolls of toilet paper, Kleenex, soap and personal hygiene products as a minimum. Go the extra mile by supplying a fully stocked medicine cabinet with general over the counter medications like Advil, peroxide, polysporin and A535. Bandages and sunscreen is also a great thing to keep on hand since these items are always needed when on vacation.

Tip: Add a couple luxurious items

Thick, comfortable and large bath towels that are found in 5 star hotels are a treat to use so why not supply each guest with one. Consider including luxurious faces cloths and hand towels to bring their entire experience to a higher level. Splurge on some fancy hand soap or little bottles of good quality shampoo and conditioner. While these items do cost a little bit more they really do make a difference in someone's day.

Tip: Make it comfortable

Include a couple bathrobes and slippers to make your guests feel pampered. They will be able to wakeup in comfort and relax after a hectic day.

Happy Entertaining!


AuthorCamille Pacori