What is Damask?

Damask traditionally refers to a reversible figured fabric woven from cotton, silk, wool or synthetic fibers; usually made from two different colours or sheens to produce a subtle or contrasting pattern. While this seems like a very straight forward definition, the terminology of what damask really is has been blurred into having multiple meanings. Some people view this as a type of repetitive pattern usually consisting of a very feminine and pretty shape while others may view this only as a black and white design.

Even though this started simply as a fabric, it has jumped to all sorts of materials and mediums. Because of the wider range of uses its easy to incorporate into any space. I have included some inspiration for using damask around the house in different and unique ways.

Damask Painted Door

A fabric inspired pattern enlarged to cover the entire door. Fine and intricate details are achieved by hand painting using white and coral which compliment the grey exterior of the building. Painting the inside of the door with the colours reversed would emulate damask fabric almost exactly.

Damask Feature Wall

Apply damask wallpaper to a single wall to instantly create a focal point, but use similar colours so as to not overwhelm the space.

Tiled Damask

A very subtle damask pattern is created using slightly different coloured tiles. A spa like experience is created with this elegant application.

Damask Area Rug

Not quite ready to take the plunge and commit to a full wall of damask but want a little more than a couple throw pillows? Why not add a damask area rug? They are easy to remove if you decide you don't like it but chances are you will want to incorporate more.

Damask Art

You can even frame and hang damask inspired artwork or create you own. Buy a roll of wallpaper and cut out a single section of the pattern and put it inside a clear and frameless display or shadow box.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori