I have always been fascinated by hidden rooms and the treasures that they hold. Concealed doors made from bookcases or paneled walls hide away a whole other secretive world. I mean, if you have to hide a room it must contain jewelry, priceless artifacts or expensive wine, does it not? Well...not necessarily. What you decide to put behind the hidden door is completely up to you. It can be a room for expensive belongings or just a place to relax without interruption.

Hidden Princess Castle or Moon Landing

Hiding a childs playroom behind a concealed door is a great way to make everyone happy. Its a fun place for children to create a different world of their own plus it keeps the mess contained. Paint a mural inside to lend to the imagination and place foam tiles down to reduce bumps and bruises. You can even place toys and games on the bookcase to prelude what is behind the door.

James Bond Bar

Tuck a small wet bar behind a swinging bookcase for entertaining. Its a great conversation starter that will impress your guests. Any dirty glasses or dishes can be hidden inside until after your cocktail party.

Hidden Pantry

Cabinet doors are applied to a hidden door which leads into a small pantry. This seamless design creates a visually larger uninterrupted kitchen wall whereas a normal door may look out of place.

Wine Run Around

This library leads directly into a hidden wine room. You are never too far from a nice glass of wine and a good book. Heavy duty hinges and hardware are required to support the weight of a full shelf of books.

Media Equipment Concealed

This media control center is hidden yet easily accessible if an issue ever arises. This room could pretty much be placed anywhere in the home but it would be best near your media room or main living space.

Happy Hiding!

AuthorCamille Pacori