I have been working on a recycled pajama rug for the last couple weeks and I have finally used up the fabric from one pair of pants. You can check out part one and part two to see how I created yarn from old pants. With only a couple useless scraps left over I have used every inch of fabric possible from a large pair of pajama pants originally found at Joe Fresh. A smaller pair would  yield less yarn so you may need more to complete an entire rug.

I ended up with a 13 inch by 10 inch rectangle which I plan to add to with more old clothes that I can no longer wear. I wasn't able to complete my last row so I will need to start another colour part way through which will only add to the charm of this rug.

One thing I forgot to mention in part one and two was the size of yarn and hook I was using. The yarn strips were approximately 1/2 inch or just over one centimeter wide which seemed to work really well with a 9mm hook. You could get farther with your rug if you cut slimmer strips and use a smaller hook but the rug would be less cushioning under foot. I wanted a big squishy and comfortable rug that could greet me every morning after getting out of bed.

I think the final rug will be very eclectic and random since each new piece of clothes will add a different colour and pattern. Let me know what you think!

Happy Recycling!

AuthorCamille Pacori