Barn doors reclaimed and converted into interior sliding doors are a great addition to any style of home. The rustic, raw and beautiful appearance can contrast or compliment a log cabin, contemporary space or modern loft. There is so much history and character in these doors that they create a focal point which cannot be ignored. While they not only look amazing they also operate surprisingly well.

Smooth Operation

Sliding barn doors glide effortlessly over any type of flooring. They are hung from the top of the door jamb with special hardware so that the door never touches the ground. This means there is no chance of the bottom of the door scratching hardwood flooring or rubbing carpet. Smooth operation is achieved by the use of a visible track and rollers which add to the overall appearance of the door.

Rustic Appearance

Oil rubbed, patina, pewter and brass hardware is used to create rustic appearance and the addition of large bolts, brackets and heavy handles makes these doors look as if they came directly out of a barn. A unique focal point is achieved with rich stains, reclaimed wood or knotty planks. These doors not only look great and add a certain charm to the room but they require less room to operate.

Unobstructed Operation

These doors slide along the wall instead of opening up into the room. This creates less restrictions and allows you to place furniture directly beside these doors. You will also not have any issues of these doors slamming shut from pressure changes in the home which are typically caused from open windows.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori