I, like many of you out there can only dream of living on an ocean front property. Waking up every morning greeted by the beautiful sunshine, salty air and the soft sound of waves crashing against the beach may only be something we can experience while on vacation. Even if the possibility of living by the ocean is out of reach, there are always ways to bring the ocean home to you.

Imagine relaxing in your soaker tub surrounded by water inspired painted walls with ocean elements gracing each and every wall.

Tidal Wave Shower Door

This beautiful glass shower door is etched and sculpted with a tidal wave pattern. The design plays with the lighting in the room to create movement and visual flow even though its a fixed feature. It not only works well with the water element of the shower but it brings the sea directly into the bathroom.

The seaside theme is enhanced with the framed photograph of the ocean and the continuation of both the darker and lighter blues in the shower tile and bathtub.

Bounty of Shells

A giant clam shell is converted into a sink which is then installed onto a glass countertop which makes it almost look like it is sitting in water. The large mirror gives you a good view of the back of the sink.

Finding one of these giant clams may be a little difficult but you can indulge in your shell obsession by placing normal sized shells on the counter, back of the toilet or even on the floor. If you have a larger shell collection place them in a basket or decorative bowl to display them all.

Sea glass Tiles

Sea glass is beautifully rounded and smoothed by the constant churn of the waves against the sandy beaches. As soon as you see sea glass its hard not to instantly think of the ocean because it mirrors the colour of the water, sky and the texture of sand. Its the perfect material to put inside your seaside inspired bathroom.

There are many places where you can find tiles that are made to mimic sea glass. They are typically coloured pale blue with a frosted back so that the tile remains smooth for easy cleaning but maintains the sanded appearance.

A full renovation may not be in the budget but there are small and fairly inexpensive things that you can do to completely transform the look of your bathroom into an ocean inspired space.

Paint! Soft sea foam green, pale blue, light turquoise or cream colours work fabulously for a seaside bathroom.

Accessorize with seashells, star fish, coral, driftwood or sea glass.

A new shower curtain can completely transform the bathroom since its a large visual piece that at times can cover half the room.

Consider finding a piece of art to include in your bathroom. You can then pull colours and patterns from it for your wall colour or overall theme.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori
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