What is an ottoman?

An ottoman is a piece of furniture with an upholstered seat or bench without a back or arms that are typically used as foot stools. The padding on these stools make them highly versatile in a family or living room as they can be used as coffee tables, additional seating, foot stools and some styles also include storage.

Converted Side Table Ottoman

Side tables can be converted into ottomans by padding and upholstering the top. This keeps them relatively light which means they can be easily moved at any time. The shelf underneath is a solid place to store books or magazines.

Over Stuffed and Extra Large Ottomans

If you have an overly large room and need a way of filling the space, place two large upholstered ottomans centered in the room. From there place your sofa approximately 16-18 inches away from both ottomans. This will keep you sofa off the wall which will create an airy appearance while keeping the space well balanced. When entertaining a large group remove all accessories and trays to allow for extra seating.

Storage Ottoman

The beauty of storage ottomans is that they come is many different sizes. Instead of one large central ottoman, consider combining a couple small ones together. They can later be broken apart when guests are visiting for additional seating. Each ottoman can be reserved for a specific family member to store games, music, extra pillows or toys.

Ottoman, Tray or Storage Solution

Some upholstered storage ottomans come with reversible lids that flip over with a solid surface perfect for a glass of wine or bowl of chips. It then converts into a tray with handles that you could place on your lap or the sofa. The entire ottoman is small and light enough that you could move it to anywhere in the living room as long as the items you are storing are light.

Hidden Ottomans

Small low lying ottomans that fit underneath the coffee table can remain out of the way until there is a need for a couple extra seats. The upholstered surface is not only comfortable but it protects the coffee table from accidental gouges and scratches when the ottoman is put away.

Happy Decorating!

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