I have been fascinated by hanging beds for some time now. What could be more relaxing than being gently rocked to sleep every night. The slow movement of the bed created by every breath you take would feel like sleeping on a cloud. If you are intrigued just as much as I am and would like to tackle this project there are a couple things that you must first consider.

Things to consider before installing a hanging bed

Since this style of bed is not typical there are a couple special requirements that need to be considered before installing one. A solid and sturdy base is essential to the longevity of the bed. It needs to be able to stand up to the constant pressure of being hung from the ceiling without pulling apart and it should be able to handle the additional weight of two adults. A solid wood bedframe fastened with good quality bolts is a good start. Do not use MDF or particle board as this is more likely to break apart.

Once a bed frame is chosen, large bolts and rope or chains with a high weight capacity need to be installed into the ceiling joist or beam. This will provide a solid installation that will last for many years of use. You will need to measure the placement of the bolts on the bed frame so that the ropes or chains line up directly above. The decision of how high the bed sits will determine the length of the rope or chains.

Hooked chains

Hooked straight chains gives this bed a unique appearance and even though they are not permanently fixed, they stay in place because of the weight of the bedframe. This allows for easy removal of the bed if there is ever the requirement to do so. All you would need to do is lift the bed to detach the hooks.

Rustic Chained Hanging Bed

Typical linked chains are fastened to a solid piece of wood that is used as the bedframe. This produces a very rustic appearance which works really well in this cabin. A mattress with bedding is then placed on top. The simplicity of the frame allows for an easy transformation into a bench or hanging chair.

Disappearing Hanging Rope Bed

This day bed is hung from the ceiling with thin yet strong ropes that do not obstruct the surrounding view. They almost disappear into the background which makes the bed look like its just hovering in the air.  Use larger and brighter ropes if you would like them to stand out instead.

Happy sleeping and good night!

AuthorCamille Pacori